It’s Been Too Long – 2021 Update

Hard to believe we’re halfway through 2021. Last year was a tough one for so many. For family reasons I needed to take a hiatus from writing, but in 2021 I’m finally back into the swing of things – including this blog.

This is what I’ve been up to:

Release of Rasel’s Song – book 2 in the Akrad’s Legacy series.

A rebellious prince, a mysterious stranger, a realm at risk

Prince Mannok fumes at his royal parents for exiling his half-sister, Ista. When his age-mate, Dinnis, discovers the would-be royal assassins poisoned in the palace cells, it seems not all the killers have been captured and Prince Mannok’s life is at risk. Even though Mannok knows securing the succession is vital to the stability of the realm, he rejects all his parents suggestions, and embraces danger on the border, taking Dinnis with him.

Rasel, a young shapeshifter, is fascinated by the the warrior Tamrin, in spite of the tragic betrayals of the past. She longs to restore the peace so her people no longer need to live in the shadows.

 Will Rasel’s unexpected arrival bring peace to Tarka or heighten the turmoil and danger? Will Mannok make peace or provoke a bloody confrontation? Will Dinnis unmask the elusive assassin before someone close to the throne dies?

Rasel’s Song is the exciting second book in the epic kingdom fantasy, the Akrad’s Legacy series. It is available at range of retailers. Find your copy here.

Gold Coast SupaNova in April

Rendered Realms – Lynne Stringer, Adele Jones and Jeanette O’Hagan – had a great time at the recent Gold Coast Supanova in April this year. After a year of no conventions due to the pandemic, it was fantastic to meet up with fans, enjoy the fabulous cosplay, and sell -and sign – our books in person.

Current Projects

I’m currently working on edits of Lumi’s Allegiance – Book 3 in the Akrad’s Legacy series. Lumi is a secondary character in Akrad’s Children and plays a bigger role in Rasel’s Song. As the daughter of the cunning and sinister, Lord Haka, she finds her loyalties stretched and splintered between her family and her beloved Prince.

Looking ahead

Omega Writers Book Fair (Brisbane) July 31 2021

I’m part of the panel and will also have a table at the upcoming Omega Writers Book Fair 31 July 2021. If you are in the vicinity why not drop in and say hello.

OZ Comic Con (Brisbane) September 2021

I’m planning to be at the Oz Comic Con convention in Brisbane this year. Keep an eye out for the Rendered Realms Stand.

And finally

Until June 30 – The Series Starters Sale

Haven’t started reading Under the Mountain series or the Akrad’s Legacy series? The first book in both series is on sale until the end of the month, along with Ruhanna’s Flight and Other Stories (a collection of short stories mostly set in Nardva, including Heart of the Mountain). Why not start your adventure in Nardva today. Check out my books on Amazon here or other retailers here.

That’s it for now. Promise it won’t be over year between posts this time round. Happy reading.

Jeanette O’Hagan