The Nolmec

The mysterious invaders from the north.

Everyone here expects me to be an expert on the Nolmec. It’s true my grandmother was a Nolmec Kiprissa though I never knew her. I barely knew my mother for she died giving birth to my sister when I was three. There were plenty of Nolmec soldiers in Akrad’s Castle – too many in my opinion because I was constantly having to dodge their blows. It was “Not up to one of your tricks, are you Tamrin scum?” or “What mischief are you up to now, you wart.” All the Nolmec ever saw was my Tamrin nose while the Tamrin can only see my Nolmec eyes and skin. So now it’s “Dinnis the Nolmec” and “Blue-skin” or “Slinky”. Not that I care what they think of me. I have my friends – Anna, Tilli, Jakan perhaps – maybe even Mannok and Garvin.

The Nolmec are a hard, even brutal, people and they don’t tolerate failure. Yet they are brave, fierce fighters and honourable too.

Some day perhaps I will go north and find out more about my mother’s people but I’m not sure they will receive me any better than my father’s people have. Besides I’m learning here – herb lore from Anna, book lore from Ralton – even some martial skills, which is what I am supposed to be learning – to fight for the Kapok.

Rather ironic when you think about it.


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