More Stories

Here you will find a collection of shorter fictional works and hypertext fiction – short stories, flash fiction, maybe the occasional nanofiction.

These stories:

  • Allow you to explore the world of Nardva while waiting for the books to become available 🙂
  • Give you something to read and enjoy when you don’t have a lot of time.
  • Experience new types of fiction ideal for the online environment – nanofiction, hyptertext and interactive stories
  • Take full advantage of the online environment with (judicious) use of multi-media
  • Can be read from your mobile phone.
  • Are short enough to print them out to read.

Please Enjoy:

Stories with the timeframe, location and characters of Akrad’s Children

My Sister by Dinnis son of Gaia  In Twelfth Year of Rokkan Kapok  (Hypertext Story)

Read more Tamrin Tales:


A Prince’s Prerogative

The Kitchen Thief

The Missing Necklace

And The Herbalist’s Daughter (in Tied in Pink romance anthology)

Stories set beyond the Five Lands

Aidan’s Honour (Coming Soon)



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