Namu of the Waterfall

A Tamrin  love song which recounts the story of Namu and Solik.Namuswaterfall6x450

Namu dances to the song

of the rainbow spray

silver voice mingling with

double moonlit ray.

Drifting through fine mist

bright child of sylvan folk

in water-gated cave she plays.


An echo haunting the waters’ spray

Her voice mingles in double moons’ bright ray.

Mingling in double moons’ bright ray.


Stark shouts disturb

the shining dark

booted feet, flailing arms,

brutal blows are struck

lucid water churnes

as lost prince is stripped by thieves

and left to die in heartless lark.


At last the villains are gone

Namu weeps to see the bloodied dawn

Swimming out to pool’s edge

she looks upon Solik’s prone form

crystal waters sullied

from his seeping wounds,

her heart is torn.


Wrapping him in misty cloak

she takes him past her hidden moat

Whispering healing songs,

he stirs and wakes,

sees her limpid eyes,

entranced his heart is smote

though he knows not her folk.


An echo haunting the waters’ spray

Voices mingling in double moons’ bright ray.

Mingling in double moons bright ray.


Through the soft days

she brings him forest fare

tender fish fire cooked, roots,

plump berries to share

weaving him songs most fair.

Though he longs for kin and hearth

deep wounds his powers impair.


Emerging from waterfall of delight,

Namu takes silvery flight,

on dulcet wings

of snow and light

blends into the bright horizon

vanishing from

the prince’s eagle sight.


An echo haunting the waters’ spray

Sad prince calling for his love to stay

Calling his love to stay.


She rides the thermal currents

his close kin to seek

flies over tall mountains,

wild wilderness creeks

finds the fabled city between twin peaks

alighting on palace roof to see

King at archery range,

with sadness noble face bleak.


As she swoops grieving father

son’s message to supply.

Angry at fate’s cruel ploy,

he lets swift arrow fly.

Shaft flies true her breast to rive

crimson floods snowy feathers

woman’s form slumps on stones to die.


With her last fluttering breath

she tells mazed king

your son is safe,

go where curtained waterfalls sing

and tell him

Namu loves him true

as pure as sweet waters’ spring.


An echo haunting the waters’ spray

Silver voice dancing to moons’ bright ray

In moons’ bright ray.


Returned at last to his home,

with gladdening feasts and tears

his family embrace him.

Spray filled song his memory spears

Prince Solik can’t be full content

through the years he haunts Namu’s weirs

heart’s tears entwine with misty spheres.


Echo haunting the waters’ spray

sad prince calls for his love to stay.

An echo haunting the water’s spray

his love to fray

For his love to stay.

Echoing through the years

Calling for his love to stay.


Jeanette O’Hagan 12 July 2014

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