Northern Beauty

by Rokkan son of Martal


Beneath the wild windswept skies

Burnished sunsets, soft gilded moonrise

The snow powered peaks and palace tiles

My northern beauty sleeping lies.


Two moons in the storm racked dome

One waxes, the other in demise goes

Sending hapless beggar, heartsick and bereft

From distant inclines to stagger home.


Bitter grief flows in white streams

To settle and pool beneath your falls

And life and love stirs once more

In gentle mist and hope filled dreams.


For in your encircled garden soils

Crowd honeyed blooms and hidden thorns

I sigh, entranced beneath the Marosa tree,

Thus sheltered by your heady coils.


Magnificent Marosa my heart desires.

Whether fitful sunshine or driving rain

Or morning dews anoint my face

I’ll hold you in warm embrace ‘til breath expires.


Northern beauty be kind to me

Though undeserving no doubt I be

For like the moon my love to full orb wakes

Until I drown in your alluring capricious sea.


© Jeanette O’Hagan 2013



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