Winner of the Scavenger Hunt

The winner of the scavenger hunt – for the best answer submitted – is Nicole N. from Melbourne. Congratulations Nicole on winning a $50 US book voucher from Amazons.

Nicole has suggested that  ‘A story about either Naetok, Haka, Rokkan or Martal Kapok would be very good. They are the crux of the kingdom and the power.’

That gives me plenty of scope – so keep an eye out for a new story about one of these characters.

As for what items were stolen, the identity of the thief and the motivation behind the theft – all is revealed in Part Two of The Missing Necklace.

Read Part One here.

Part Two: The Missing Necklace

Anna stood as still as a statue, a crimson cushion in her hands. Surely the Kupanna’s precious lapis luzuli necklace couldn’t have be stolen. There were guards at almost every door.

The Kupanna shook her head. ‘The necklace must be mislaid.’

‘Maybe a maid took it, Mama, like Anna or Rianda.’

Young prince’s Naetok’s piping voice jarred Anna. A shiver ran down her spine. What would happen to her if she was blamed? Dismissal, a whipping or worse. How like Natok to shift blame.

Prince Rokkan stared at his younger brother. ‘Really? Anna doesn’t have a reputation for sneaking off with things or getting up to mischief.’

Naetok squirmed and scowled. ‘I didn’t take it. Maybe you did, Rokku.’

‘Come let’s not squabble. Surely no one in this room would take my necklace.’ Kupanna Suraya tucked her distraught daughter on her shoulder and patted her back to soothe her. Another gust of wind blustered its way into the room, swaying the tapestries against the lime-washed wall and rustling the leaves of the pot plants. ‘Please, could someone please close the doors to the balcony?’

Rokkan’s golden eyes narrowed. ‘You know, mother, my blue stone ring went missing the other day.’

Anna put down the cushion she had picked up looking for the necklace and closed the balcony doors. Now that the Prince mentioned it, it wasn’t the only thing that had gone missing. She turned around. ‘Yes, your Highness, and Princess Lakwi’s rattle went missing on the day of the picnic.’

Rianda brought her fingertips to her mouth. ‘And my wool.’

The Kupanna shook her head. ‘Why would anyone be interested in stealing wool? And what thief could get past the guards to sneak into our chambers.’

Prince Rokkan’s eyes brightened. ‘I think I know, mother, where to find the thief and your necklace.’



A Prince’s Prerogative

by Jeanette O’Hagan c 2014

Another Tamrin Tale


The horn blasted from the front gates of the palace, shattering the stillness of the morning. The dogs in the royal kennels erupted into a flurry of barking and a flock of mountain doves went wheeling into the eggshell blue of sky. Rokkan’s stomach clenched. He leant against the blue roan’s withers, counting the blasts under his breath. As the second long note faded away, he let his breath out and rubbed Eclipse’s velvet nose. His stallion nickered and blew into his ear. ‘Not Father then, Eclipse.’

Not that he had really expected his father to rush back from his impromptu hunting trip once he got the news of Lakwi’s illness. Despite a couple of anxious nights, Rokkan’s little sister was recovering well under Anna’s ministrations. Gripping the brush, he pulled it in long strokes through Eclipse’s coat. The horse’s flank quivered as the burs amassed on the morning ride snagged the bristles. His dogs, Tracer, Rivet and Grip, lying under the railings, thumped their tails in a slow rhythm. Two blasts meant a Markan, but which one? Ah well, never mind. Bitjanan could deal with it. This was the first moment he had had to relax since little Lakwi fell ill.


Rokkan turned his head at the clatter of hooves on the pathway. A handful of warriors trotted around the corner of the tack room…