Akrad’s Children (WIP)

by Jeanette O’Hagan



My first book (in waiting)  in the New Adult/Young Adult Fantasy Series Akrad’s Legacy is Akrad’s Children.


In Akrad’s Children three young lives are bound together in friendship, love, rivalry and tragedy.

Two orphaned refugees seek a new life in the royal palace of Tamra following the upheaval of rebellion and the defeat of their grandfather, Akrad Arkon of the North:


Dinnis son of Gaia – a reluctant companion of young prince Mannok.

His proud sister Ista – who finds life in the Tamrin palace a great deal harder than being feted as a Nolmec Kipressia.

Their lives become inextricably entwined with

Mannok son of Rokkan, Prince Royal of Tamra – a privileged prince striving to earn the approval of his father.

Intrigue and danger stalk the Tamrin Palace. Someone is trying to kill the prince and his father. Will the assassin be uncovered in time?

The story continues in Rasel’s Song and Mannok’s Betrayal.

From my beta readers:

“Akrad’s Children is a magnetic tale set in a skilfully woven fantasy world full of rebellions, conquests and personal sorrows. Jeannette O’Hagan’s prose plunges you deep into the thick of action; hold on to your socks for the ride of your life!”

~ Kristine Barrett

Akrad’s Children took me far away into another world. A beautifully executed novel, for young adult and adult to discover. The suspense is tantalising, and I couldn’t put the book down. I have also read other work by Jeanette O’Hagan, and every piece of writing keeps me interested and surprised. I have fallen in love with characters that are more than entertaining and wonderful.”

~Nicole Nugent

I am actively seeking publication for Akrad’s Children. Will keep you posted.


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