The Five Lands

TheFiveLandsMap6b350Long ago when legend and fact rub shoulders together, four brothers and one sister with their families arrived on these shores near the historic city of Akra would one day be built. Old legends say they were greeted by mystical creatures – perhaps the spirits of the Land. An ancient Silisean manuscript I found hidden deep within the library claims it was the shape shifting Adelphi who met the Filane that day. Others say that the land was empty and it was by the Filane’s own courage and resourcefulness that the new arrivals were able to build the great kingdoms of Mokka, Tamra, Shanta, Silisea and Limar.

Whatever the case, now only three of these kingdoms still stand as Mokka fell to the might of the Nolmec while Shanta incurred Akrad the Betrayer’s wrath for sheltering his estranged wife.

Through the centuries, Tamra and its royal city, Tarka, has always had pre-eminence though many say that Limar now surpasses the first born kingdom in wealth, armies and riches.


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